Read or Listen

I’ve mentioned this subject a few times about people who go on the net and then ring us for the information that is right in front of them, or ring us asking about a product and then not listening to what we are saying. It’s a very common occurrence and very annoying. I had a very nice lady doing exactly this a few days ago.

It normally takes about 10 minutes to set up a policy. This particular one took over 45 minutes. Not because it was a difficult policy or because there was too much information for me to give out. No. It took ages because the customer hadn’t bothered reading the information on the net – where she saw the policy – and hadn’t decided whether she wanted excess or no excess. In fact she changed her mind 3 times during the call. She also asked many questions – all of which were answered on the web.

I managed to keep myself calm and patient throughout the call. This is quite an achievement for me. I have very little patience with people who are lazy or thick. Several times I had to say to her ‘, I didn’t say that…’ and then repeat what I’d said, because she clearly wasn’t listening to my answers when she asked a question. For an example of how the call went throughout the 45 minutes, I told her the payment options and said there was no further charge whichever way she chose.

‘I want to pay monthly. Is there any further charge?’ She asked.

I was very glad when I had finished the call.

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