Lies And False Accusations

It’s not a pleasant experience to be accused of something you haven’t done. It’s happened to me in the past. You get the odd idiot hoping to cause trouble because you have something they don’t have or you have achieved something they haven’t. They didn’t succeed. It’s often quite easy to turn the tables against people like that. But when the lie is a potential treat to your job then it’s a different story.

I answered a call yesterday to be greeted with a woman demanding to be put through to another department. She barked names at me but had no extension numbers. With a company of several thousand people it’s a bit difficult to find the person you want without an extension number. I figured there may be some kind of note on the system so I asked for her details, also explaining to her that I would need to pass on her details to the other department. This is standard company procedure, politeness, and also data protection. We need to know that we are speaking to the policy holder and not someone masquerading as such.

She gave me her name and then informed me that I was wasting time and should put her through immediately. I politely explained again that I needed her details. Other people would refuse to take the call unless DPA had been done. In fact I explained this several times very patiently, while she had a go at me. It was all in vain. She had no intention of giving me any information.

So with no details, no way of looking to see if there were any notes on the system, I informed her that if she was not prepared to give me any information then there was no point in continuing the call. I said ‘goodbye’ and hung up.

About 40 minutes later she called back and spoke to one of my colleagues. Same thing. She wouldn’t give him any details, but kept barking orders at him. However, she did tell him that she had spoken to me previously and that I seriously needed disciplinary action because I had sworn at her. She then hung up on him.

My colleague had to act on this straight away. An agent swearing to the customer is gross misconduct and employment can be terminated immediately.

He took the details to the relevant folk who have access to the call recordings. They managed to track my call down. This was listened to within minutes. Thank the Gods that the call was recorded. My colleague informed me that it was found that I had not sworn at the customer. In fact, they said I was polite and had handled the call correctly. I was vindicated.

This woman had deliberately and maliciously tried to get me into trouble, to the extent that I could have lost my job if it hadn’t have been for the fact that our calls are recorded. Just because she didn’t want to give me her details or confirm who she was.

This was plain ignorance and there is no justification for this type of nastiness. All she succeeded in doing was making me livid, and now none of us what to speak to her or help her. In fact she may even find that we are extremely slow and are having problems with the system and the phone lines every time she calls us in the future.

With any luck she will develop the biggest puss filled boil on her backside that will plague her for months to come.

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