Can You Check The Form?

‘Can you check the form I sent in?’ He asked hopefully. ‘I don’t think I filled it in. I know I filled in the cheque correctly, but I don’t think I filled in the form. Can you check it?’ ‘It doesn’t look as though it’s arrived yet.’ I explained. ‘When did you post it?’ ‘HalfContinue reading “Can You Check The Form?”

Third Parties

I’ve mentioned before about third party callers and the fact that we can’t discuss policy details with them. Not without the express permission of the policy holder or a copy of the Power of Attorney. Most people understand this. It’s only the few that complain relentlessly trying to get us to back down. There areContinue reading “Third Parties”

Just Short Of Losing My Temper

Bit of a crazy day today. I almost lost of my temper with a customer. Well, actually I did lose my temper but my professionalism kept me calm under stressful circumstances. It was a busy day starting with a nice gentleman calling to set up a policy. I set it up and informed him IContinue reading “Just Short Of Losing My Temper”