When Was It Posted?

We frequently get customers ringing us to ask if we have received their applications or registrations. After searching diligently on the computer system we invariably ask: ‘When was it posted?’ We get a variety of answers to this question. ‘I posted it yesterday.’ ‘It definitely won’t have got to us yet. Ring us next week.’Continue reading “When Was It Posted?”

Can You Check The Form?

‘Can you check the form I sent in?’ He asked hopefully. ‘I don’t think I filled it in. I know I filled in the cheque correctly, but I don’t think I filled in the form. Can you check it?’ ‘It doesn’t look as though it’s arrived yet.’ I explained. ‘When did you post it?’ ‘HalfContinue reading “Can You Check The Form?”

Registering A Guarantee

A customer called me to register the guarantee on a new appliance she had. I informed her that I’d need a few details to register it. I asked for the model of the appliance. ‘Don’t you have that? I thought all the details would be on your system.’ She said. I answer the call byContinue reading “Registering A Guarantee”