Beautiful Sunshine

I was out in the gorgeous sunshine today accompanied by 5 packets of tissues, a nose spray, and eye drops. My hayfever has been horrendous all day. My nose is so sore, it feels like it’s been scraped all over with a razor.

Spent the day at my daughters place. My two year old grandson thought it highly amusing to tip buckets of water over us. It was actually quite nice and cooling. Dried very quickly in the heat. Very lovely day. Would have been even nicer without the hayfever.

I love the sun. Plastered a load of sun cream on before I left the house. Put it on the cat’s ears and nose as well. Poor little thing is all white with pink ears and nose. He tends to lie under the sun bed in the shade but I’m not taking chances. He wasn’t too happy about his ears being rubbed with cream. I had to corner him and treat him to a rare drop of milk afterwards.

The summer can get as hot as it wants in my opinion. I love it. I hate the cold. I have no doubt that I’ll be hearing the usual pensioners moaning about it at the bus stop. They’re always moaning about something – this is no exaggeration. It’s too cold; it’s too hot – they usually wear a coat in this weather; the bus is late; the bus is early; this is the worst bus service of all; their health is bad; there’s too many pigeons; it doesn’t stop raining; we need some rain; it’s too windy; the chilblains are hurting…The list could go on indefinitely.

I missed the sunshine yesterday as I was at work. It was bloody freezing in the call centre on Friday and Saturday. For some reason they’ve turned the air conditioning up very high. I often think they do things deliberately to make us uncomfortable. They seem to think it keeps us on our toes. It doesn’t – it makes us resentful.

I’ve been told by one of my retired neighbours that it’s usual for a company to try and split the workforce. According to him, if the employees are not happy they don’t work together against the company. Don’t know if this true. My neighbour has worked all his life and has been in the army. He does seem clued-up about a lot of things, and some of the actions of my company, recently and in the past, have seemed deliberate acts to set the agents against each other. They certainly seem to change the air conditioning to uncomfortable mode as soon as there’s a change in the weather…


Hayfever – I hate it.

My parents would go camping at the weekends, when I was a kid, and I remember screaming in agony as my eyes felt like they were cut to ribbons. Eventually they took me to the doctors. I was diagnosed when I was about 5 or 6. Since then I’ve tried all the tablets going, as well as sprays and herbal remedies.

Some years it gets so bad that I’ve taken a tablet in the morning, a herbal remedy at night, used a nose spray, and have taken homeopathic tablets too, all in the same day. Nothing seems to work 100%, and some things don’t work at all.

I got fed up with the tablets from the doctors as they had no affect whatsoever, apart from the big hole in my purse. The cheap tablets from the £ shop are just the same as the expensive ones. The homeopathic tablets are good, but seem to have no affect the following year. The nose spray doesn’t stop my eyes itching. The one herbal remedy I found particularly good is no longer being sold – presumably because it contained lobelia which is poisonous.

I’ve also tried drinking nettle tea and honey. These didn’t work either. In fact the only thing that worked 100% was living in South Africa for a few years. Didn’t suffer with it at all there. -it was the crime rate I was allergic to.

I had a tablet this morning. I’ve been sneezing at intervals. My nose has been running although not as bad as it could have been. Now my eye is itching. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrggghhh!

These aren’t the only symptoms of hayfever though. I think the worse one is how tired and exhausted it makes you feel. It’s the one thing that other people can’t understand and it’s the main symptom that can knock you off your feet. I’ve had countless days off school when I was a kid, and time off work as an adult because of hayfever. Feeling drained of all your energy and then suffering with a continually runny nose, itching eyes, sore throat, cough, well it just knocks you off your feet.

They’ve forecast rain over the weekend. My hayfever will still be there. Unfortunately it doesn’t disappear with the sun.

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