Ding Dong

The last two days something strange has happened at work. It’s happened around the same time each day – early afternoon. While we’ve been busy speaking to our customers we’ve heard the loud, high-pitched ding-dong of an intercom alert.

You’re probably thinking what’s so strange about this? Well, simple answer. We haven’t got an intercom!

No one seems to know where this is coming from. There is no message with it. Just a lonely ding-dong reverberating around the call centre.

The first time it happened it was greeted with peals of laughter. The second time it was greeted with an eerie silence.

Is this the action of a lonely spirit? An agent from the call centre that cannot continue it’s journey to agent paradise? Or could it be the spirit of a customer who fell foul of a blocked drain? Or is it a demon from the depths of call centre hell? A malovent creature intent on tormenting us. (Oh, no, that’s the managers.)

I wonder if the answer will appear in the next week or so. Or will it be one of those mysteries that goes down in legend, through the centuries? Will it join the realms of killer tits? http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/tetrapod-zoology/2013/02/06/great-tits-still-flesh-rending-predators/ Or mutant rats? http://english.sina.com/world/p/2013/0228/566711.html

Only time will tell.

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