Mothers’ Day

At last I wasn’t at work today! I feel like life is work, work, work, and more bloody work! So it was really nice to have a day with my daughter and grandson.

Pizza Hut and shopping. Am I allowed to say Pizza Hut? Or is this a no-no, like on TV? Maybe I should just say we frequented a pizza establishment.

Everything was fine until one of the waiters moved the pushchair. My grandson took afront to this. Not happy about it at all. He threw both his juice bottle then his milkshake bottle on the floor. The bottle with milkshake duly split. There was a lovely puddle of sweet, sticky liquid! My daughter then got angry because there was no need for them to move the pushchair in the first place. Fun! Lol!

The staff didn’t even apologise. I don’t think we’ll be frequenting that establishment very often in the future.

The rest of the day passed without incident.

I’m now going to soak in the bath with the bubbly and candles my daughter brought me. Candles won’t be in the bath. They’ll be on the side. I want them to work.

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