Rude customers

Why are so called “Reverends” so damn rude when they’re not in the church? They are the most rude, obnoxious people.

Do they think that because they are “Reverends” – a title that is only given because of the religion they choose to follow – that they are so damn special that they can treat other people like pieces of dirt.

We have a lot of “Reverends” as customers. I have never spoken to a nice one.

The one that called today called our company incompetent. This was because he had posted a cheque last week and we had not yet received it! So we were incompetent! He was extremely rude to me.

Pompous, arrogant, stuck-up twat!

The dictionary defines the word “reverend” as:
1. worthy of reverence
2. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) relating to or designating a clergyman or the clergy

The first one is most certainly incorrect. I have worked 10 years for my company and in all that time I have never spoken to a nice “Reverend”. They are the most nasty people I have ever had the misfortune to speak to.

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