Am I Lucky To Have A Job?

Watched a section of This Morning about a woman on £70 000 benefits a year. Granted a third of that goes to her 3 children in grants, etc, for studying. She reckoned she gets over £2000 a month but has less than £200 to live on after paying the bills.

She has worked most of her life so is taking back what she has put in. And she says she is currently looking for a job, but has only been offered £20 000 per annum. She’s a chartered accountant and has to pay £5000 to upgrade her qualifications before she can restart this career. The question is what if she had never worked?

I’m not on £20 000 a year with my job, but I have self-respect because I’m working. When I look at these people who have never worked since leaving school it makes me sick. You then have these so called assylum seekers who are given free kitchen appliances, free phones, free houses, benefits, etc.

Assylum seekers are supposed to seek assylum in the first country they reach after leaving their own. That means that most of the people seeking assylum in this country have either gone the wrong way when they boarded the boat, or have travelled across many countries before reaching us. If that’s the case they can’t be much of an assylum seeker. If I was trying to flee my country I would seek refuge in the nearest country, especially if I had children to look after, not travel thousands of miles, for example from Africa to England. I think it’s safe to say that many of them come here because of the benefits and seeking assylum is a convenient excuse.

I’ve known a few people, born here, who couldn’t be bothered to work. Getting a job and working for a week then coming down with some mystery illness. They would then go back on benefits until forced to get work again, and the same thing would happen. One guy was even content to allow his partner to work as a cleaner so that she could give her kids a decent life. He didn’t do anything.

Why does the benefit system allow these things to happen? These people should not be getting money for nothing. The government tried making people work for free to get their benefits, but the do-gooders said it was against their human rights! What about my human rights?

I work hard for what I have. Why should I have to pay for these loosers? Surely that’s against my human rights. Even many homeless people have self-respect and sell the Big Issue to make a few pound. They’re people who want to make better lives for themselves. These other lazy ba**ards are parasites living off the rest of us. They should be squashed.

Rude customers

Why are so called “Reverends” so damn rude when they’re not in the church? They are the most rude, obnoxious people.

Do they think that because they are “Reverends” – a title that is only given because of the religion they choose to follow – that they are so damn special that they can treat other people like pieces of dirt.

We have a lot of “Reverends” as customers. I have never spoken to a nice one.

The one that called today called our company incompetent. This was because he had posted a cheque last week and we had not yet received it! So we were incompetent! He was extremely rude to me.

Pompous, arrogant, stuck-up twat!

The dictionary defines the word “reverend” as:
1. worthy of reverence
2. (Christianity / Ecclesiastical Terms) relating to or designating a clergyman or the clergy

The first one is most certainly incorrect. I have worked 10 years for my company and in all that time I have never spoken to a nice “Reverend”. They are the most nasty people I have ever had the misfortune to speak to.

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