Back To Work Tomorrow

I have really enjoyed my time off work this past week. As normal it has gone by too fast. Bit of a stupid comment that. Time passes at the same rate whenever and wherever. It’s just that when you’re relaxed you don’t notice the passing of time, hence it seems to go by quicker. When you’re bored, at work for instance, you notice time passing, so it seems to be a lot slower.

Hate the thought of being back at work tomorrow. Only good thing is that it’s a four day week. Hopefully I can get through it without any problems!

So looking forward to the customers complaining that they couldn’t get through to claims, and they’re supposed to be open 24 hours. I shall enjoy explaining that if they’d pressed option 1 they would have got through to claims who are open 24 hours. Pressing option 1 is far too much of a strain though.

So looking forward to the customers who posted cheques on Thursday and expect them to have been delivered by now, even though we’ve just had two bank holidays.

Where has common sense gone? What is happening to the education system in this country? You’d think that people can’t be this thick. If you worked in a call centre and took the calls that I take, you’d certainly be worried about the education system and the future of this country.

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