Someone tried to place an order with me for multi-vitamins today. I politely advised her that we sold insurance. Maybe she thought the vitamins would provide insurance. Insurance for a healthier life perhaps?

Surely a healthy diet would be better. Organic and free range produce better still. Afterall, would you spray a carrot or a pork chop with fly spray and then eat it? Would you dip your chicken in an unflushed toilet before you eat it? But then again it’s not for me to say. Maybe other people would do that. You never know what happens behind closed doors.

Maybe she wanted a boost to her energy. I could have offered a good kick up the backside. That would have given her a flying start. Her energy would have soared to new heights. She could have been singing soprano.

Alas! I failed in my customer care. I did not offer this free service.

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