Yet Another Lawyer

Our call centre seems to be a beacon for wannabe lawyers. Not sure why. I sometimes wonder if they have plans to sue the company, for something. Not sure what.

Over the years I’ve been working there I’ve seen the comings and goings of several lawyers. Some of them are fully qualified while others are still studying. I’m sure the customers would be extremely polite if they knew they were talking to a lawyer! That would be interesting.

It’s an ideal place to study. Although quite busy most of the time there are the quiet periods when we are able to get a book out. You often see people writing away with very complicated looking tomes next to them. The flexible hours are also convenient for those attending university.

Working at a call centre also gives young people the experience of dealing on a one to one basis with the general public. This is a prerequisite of many careers.

We are called upon to show a multitude of traits – knowledge, specialism, empathy, sympathy, to name but a few. We deal with all walks of life, cultures, ages. We have to deal with angry customers, pompous customers, grieving customers, sick customers, or just plain thick people. We have to know our products indepth as well as being uptodate with the laws on DPA and the regulations of the FCA.

It’s not as easy as the general public think. We are expertly trained with many qualifications, from outside and inside the company. We are frequently treated like diret by customers who don’t know the difference between a drain and a clean water pipe, and we are constantly being asked about other companies – something that we cannot discuss.

And we get paid better than a lot of other people.

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