Customers were going mad today! Call after call after call. Not pleasant, especially when half of them came through to the wrong department. We were ripping our hair out by the end of the night.

A lot of them were quite rude as well. And deaf. When my colleagues phoned me I had to ask if I was shouting or speaking too loud. I had to do this with several customers so it seemed like it was becoming the norm.

I had a customer yelling at me saying we had phoned her 3 times today. However, it wasn’t us it was some other company. She just got our number off the internet so decided to call and vent her anger. Thanks lady. Very clever of you.

I had an elderly customer asking why we had taken a payment out of her bank. I asked her what company name was next to the payment. Yes, you guessed it. It wasn’t us. That call took 20 minutes. I explained several times that the name of the company on the bank statement was who the payment was made to. A very simple deduction. She couldn’t take it in. She kept going on about a letter she had received with our company logo. I kept pointing out that the letter was not her bank statement. I had to speak loudly to this customer as well.

Now I’m knackered.

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