Come The Glorius Day…

Well I missed my blog yesterday as the battery went on my laptop. I had the laptop with me but not the charger.

Some of the customers the last few days have reminded me of my plans for when I win the lottery. (Please note the positive and confident tone.) I have come close. I won £3000 on the Euromillions a few years ago – 1 number short of £155 million. (Don’t bother for asking any, it’s all gone.) I feel like I’m getting closer to the big one.

I shall definitely give up work if I win enough. Not until it’s safely in my bank account. However, I will definitely go into work and say what I want to some of the arrogant, pompous, or plain stupid customers. In fact I will be so frank and to the point that they will force me off the premises.

If they swear at me I shall tell them to f*ck off. If pompous or arrogant I’ll tell them they are pompous a*sh*les. If they want a discount I’ll tell them to go talk to a charity or beg on the street corner. In fact, if they’re rude I’ll be so damn rude back they won’t know what to say. I’ll continue being honest and to the point until security are called to escort me off the premises.

Come the glorius day…

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