Earn Money On A Free Lottery

This is a completely free lottery – it’s paid for by the ads on the site. All you need to do is check the postcodes each day to see if yours is drawn. Here’s the link:


This is a link for Yougov. This is a survey site where you get paid for the surveys. I’ve joined survey sites before but this is the only one I’ve stuck with. The surveys are topical, political, and usually quick. Here’s the link:



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Fitbit Charge HR Heart Rate and Activity Wristband £79.99
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UK Postcode Lottery – FREE

Everyone in the UK has seen the advertisements for the Postcode Lottery. Pay £10 a month and you could win a few quid if your postcode is picked out. Well, there’s an internet based Postcode Lottery that is free. Yes, you read that right – FREE.


It’s run by a guy by the name of Chris, a web developer, and it’s paid for by the advertisers on the site.


To take part just click on the link and enter your email address, and your postcode – don’t forgot that. You have to check the website every day to see if your postcode has come up. And remember to not only check the main draw, but also check the stackpot and survey as there are prizes up for grabs there also. You get a reminder email each day.

Free Postcode Lottery: http://freepostcodelottery.com/?ref=293667

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Verbal Warning

A couple of months ago I was pushed over the edge by an irate customer. Not a good thing to happen. The customer wanted to vent feelings of frustration and I was the unlucky person who answered the call. I was asked to explain what she should do when something wasn’t covered under the policy. Unfortunately I am not able to advise so she wasn’t at all happy about that.

The more I tried to explain about the regulations I have to follow the angrier she got. She raised her voice. I raised my voice. I then threatened to cut her off. She hung up. She then phoned back and complained about me. I got into trouble – disciplinary and verbal warning.

I have to wait until August for it to be lifted off my file. In the meantime I’m having extra coaching. I have also decided to try and have a more positive mind set as I have been a bit down in the dumps for a few months and it’s time I pulled myself back up. Time for positive transformation.

I’ve never had a disciplinary before – never in my whole working life. That’s no mean feat. And to get a disciplinary and a verbal warning together was a big wake up call. I had to do something to make sure that a customer didn’t push the wrong buttons again.

So I’ve begun to read a few books about the Law of Attraction. Basically if you think positive, speak positive, act positive, then you will automatically attract positive. If you think negative, speak negative, act negative, then you will attract negative. Sound simple? Give it a go. It’s surprising how many times we are thinking negatively. Someone may annoy us but instead of saying anything we ‘let it go’. But we don’t let go of it, because we play it over and over in our heads. Then there’s all the negative moaning we do: ‘It’s cold.’ ‘It’s too hot.’ ‘That woman’s wearing strange clothes.’ ‘That bloke is too loud.’ ‘Why I am I being bothered?’ The list goes on…

I am in the process of realising how negative I can actually be. It’s also made me realise how negative people around me are. So I am in the ‘realisation period’, as I call it. The very beginning of changing my outlook.

I’ve tried a few things to look on the positive side. One book suggested a journal to list the things that ‘have happened’ the next day. That’s right – you write it as if it has already happened. The difference is that you write everything in a very positive way: any meetings you have end the way you want; public transport is running on time with no problems; you get to work on time; disagreements are sorted out amicably; you get the deal you have been working on. Get the picture? Well I’ve been giving this a go, and quite a bit of it has worked – as long as you keep a positive mind set.

I’ve noticed that as soon as I begin to moan about something I get a bad call. If I start worrying about something I get a bad call. I begin to think about something that cheers me up and I get a lovely friendly person calling me. I’m thinking that this positive mind set theory is brilliant. I’m going to continue and see where it leads me – a big lottery win is on the list.

And I Haven’t Even Won The Lottery Yet!

What a great morning. It was like christmas for the next five years had all arrived at once. My dreams had come true. Shangrila was real. Heaven was on Earth. Paradise was found. Get the picture?

And the reason for this sudden onset of ecstasy? This all too brief moment of bliss. This amazing turn of events. This moment of wonderous rapture…

We have many phone lines coming into the company. I think they put a different phone number on every set of mailings they send out. Then there’s the normal number that is on the policy documents and on the internet. Anyway, several of these lines weren’t working correctly, including the main company phone number. It meant that people phoning us were coming through but we couldn’t hear them and they couldn’t hear us. After several ‘hello’s’ we ended the calls. There was nothing else we could do.

So for most of the morning I got the opportunity to cut people off. And I hadn’t even won the lottery! Fantastic! It was great! I loved it! I wish it happened every day.

It didn’t last long.

This afternoon we were back to normal. In more ways than one. Here’s two examples of conversations with customers. The first is a call I had, and the second is a colleagues.

‘Hello. You’re through to…at…Could I take your name please?’

‘This is…’

‘And what’s your address Mr…?’

‘My address is…’

‘How can I help you today Mr…?’

‘Could you send me an enquiry pack?’

‘No problem. I’ll get that in the post. You’ll receive it in a few days time.’

‘Do you want my address?’

‘You’ve just given it to me.’

‘Hello. You’re through to…at…Could I take your name please?’

‘No. It’s not relevant. I just want an enquiry pack.’

‘No problem. I’ll get that in the post for you, and you’ll receive it in a few days time.’

‘Thanks. Bye.’

‘Before you go can I just ask where you’d like me to send it to? I will need your address and your name, otherwise you won’t receive it.’


Come The Glorius Day…

Well I missed my blog yesterday as the battery went on my laptop. I had the laptop with me but not the charger.

Some of the customers the last few days have reminded me of my plans for when I win the lottery. (Please note the positive and confident tone.) I have come close. I won £3000 on the Euromillions a few years ago – 1 number short of £155 million. (Don’t bother for asking any, it’s all gone.) I feel like I’m getting closer to the big one.

I shall definitely give up work if I win enough. Not until it’s safely in my bank account. However, I will definitely go into work and say what I want to some of the arrogant, pompous, or plain stupid customers. In fact I will be so frank and to the point that they will force me off the premises.

If they swear at me I shall tell them to f*ck off. If pompous or arrogant I’ll tell them they are pompous a*sh*les. If they want a discount I’ll tell them to go talk to a charity or beg on the street corner. In fact, if they’re rude I’ll be so damn rude back they won’t know what to say. I’ll continue being honest and to the point until security are called to escort me off the premises.

Come the glorius day…

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