Bank Holiday Monday

Had a lovely day off. Spent it with the family. Just a pity there’s not more of them. I’m expecting work to be busy and not too nice tomorrow. Day after a bank holiday we get a lot of strange people phoning in. Like termites crawling out the woodwork.

They should make St George’s day a bank holiday and rename it England Day. Afterall Georgie wasn’t English and never set foot in England. He was from the Middle East. Bit offensive to an English person like me. Plus he’s not a good example for animal welfare. What with him killing a dragon.

I know he supposedly rescued some woman from being eaten by the dragon. But what would she have chosen? Being burned alive, walled up alive, drowned or tortured to death because she was female and could have been witch, or being eaten by the dragon? Maybe we should have a poll. Or send answers on a postcard.

I hear the weather is supposed to change on Wednesday. Say goodbye to summer people, you’ve had it. It’ll be back next year. All two days of it.

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