Flying Tarantula

I had a lieu day yesterday. This was because I’m working on Saturday. Had a good day looking after the 2 year old grandson. He’s not well though. We stayed in all day. I didn’t want to risk taking him out with the weird weather yesterday. He hardly ate anything yesterday. I’m hoping he’ll perk up quickly.

I got home and started pottering around. Cooking food, cleaning up. I eventually sat down to eat tea and watch telly. After about 1/2 hour I heard this loud buzzing noise. I got up thinking the tv was about to explode.

As I was investigating this extremely large bee flew past me. When I say large I mean it looked like a flying tarantula. I have no idea where it came from. I had been in the house about 2-3 hours at this point, with no window or doors open.

It began flying around the living room like a furry torpedo. It seemed to like the light so I turned it off. The bee then dive bombed me. Now, I’m not frightened of most things. I like bees. But this huge flying monster had me quaking in my slippers.

I opened the back door hoping it would find it’s way out. No way. The size of it I would have expected it to be a queen. It began walking on the ceiling. I saw that it wasn’t a queen as it’s legs were full of pollen. I reckon it must have been some kind of genetic mutation. A cross between a bee and a cat.

It flew towards the front window and clung to the blinds. I got brave and decided to open the front window. Luckily it didn’t move. I pushed the window open and the wind got hold of the blinds. The bee got trapped between window and blinds. The buzzing got louder and angrier. It wasn’t happy. It dropped down behind the telly. I ran.

It flew round the room again and then headed back to the open window. Success! I watched it fly freely into the sunset.

This morning, as I’m typing this, I have the telly on. I’m due to leave for work in the next five minutes. Jeremy Kyle has just finished. At the end of the program I heard a loud buzzing noise…

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