Customer told me a few days ago that he’d heard my company was going into administration. I started laughing. I asked him where he’d heard this. ‘My wife told me,’ he replied. I asked where she’d heard it. ‘Don’t know,’ he said. So even though he didn’t know where any of this had come from, he was willing to believe it.

I explained that although we were a British company, we were international. Extremely large. Even though things are tough in the UK at present, our company is making a profit. Albeit smaller than a few years ago, but we are definitely not going under. It would take a hell of a lot to send our company down. The biggest threat is the FCA. They now have the power to shut down a company with no notice. Quite frightening that they have this power. As long as we follow FCA guidelines then we are ok. And my company goes overboard with following FCA guidelines!

Wherever the Mrs got it from, this information was incorrect. Neither one of them had checked it. Except to ask me when he’d called for something completely different. Maybe it was from the papers. We all know that some of the stories in the media should be taken with a pinch of salt. If a neighbour or family friend had told them then they should have checked.

Why is it that people are so gullible? Why can’t people think for themselves? If it’s not believing everything in the media, people believe everything another person comes out with. Religion is a prime example. You often hear people talking about cults and how they brainwash people. Well, established religions have been doing it for centuries, and haven’t stopped. Why stop a good thing? It’s called having power over other people. If you are not prepared to think for yourself, do your research, have your own mind, then you are willingly handing power over yourself to another individual/organisation. Well done.

Now, listen here…I am the most important person in the world. It was in the papers a few years ago, honest. You can get down on your knees and worship me. I can heal and answer prayers, honest. For the right payment…

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