Full Moon – The Loonies Are Out

Today was one of those days that had me ripping my hair out. The customers were awful. Not rude. Not nasty. No swearing. No complaints. Just plain dumb.

I had the usual address details – 13 The Street. ‘What’s the rest of the address? Where is it?’ I kept asking. It was almost as though they didn’t know where they lived. So if I address a letter to Mr & Mrs…at 13 The Street, do you think it will arrive? It would be a bloody miracle if it did! I didn’t say this to anyone. I would have been fired. When I win the big lottery though, things will done differently…

‘This is Mr…’ a few women told me. ‘Are you Mr…?’ I asked one woman.

I had to repeat the price about 7 times on several calls. Then I had to explain why different policies were different prices, and why the first year was a lower price.

I had someone ringing up because it was a free phone number and he wanted me to transfer him to an 0845 number. He even told me he had the correct number but we were free so he’d called us instead. Cheeky bast*rd. He then had the audacity to call me ‘darling’. ‘My name isn’t darling’ I told him in no uncertain terms. My manager told me to keep calm and stop getting irate.

This is what it was like all day.

Centuries ago it was noted that people act peculiar when the moon is full. This is where the word loonies comes from – lunar, the moon. It’s a full moon today. Need I say more?

Bloody loonies!

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