Day After Looney Day

Not too bad today. Still got the odd strange person phoning. The few that missed the full moon yesterday, like the woman who called to make a claim. I informed her that she needed the claims department so I would put her through to them. ‘Stop being argumentative!’ She spat. Exactly what the argumentative part was I’m not sure. ‘You need claims. I’ll put you through.’ Is that factual statement argumentative? Answers on a postcard please.

Or how about the guy who wanted a new policy but gave me a 10 minute story at the end of each paragraph in the regulated scripting. A story that had nothing to do with the policy or the scripting. Of course I dutifully and patiently sat listening, waiting for him to finish so I could set up the policy. It took 25 minutes to set it up, something that normally takes 8 minutes. Not bad going.

The moon is now waning, so I have a month before the looneys come out again. I think I’m going to have to book my future holidays around the full moon of each month. Then I may be able to get through the year with less stress.

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