Full Moon Time Again!

Well here we are again, another full moon and more memorable calls. Take the lady who called me about our plumbing insurance policy…

‘What does it cover?’ She asked me.

I gave her a list of examples and told her that it covered the internal plumbing and the sewerage system, where both the internal drains and the external drains were covered.

‘Does it cover the drain outside?’

‘Yes,’ I answered. ‘Both the internal and the external drains are covered. It doesn’t cover the fresh water supply pipe but the sewerage drain is covered.’ I hoped this was a bit clearer for her.

‘I don’t understand what you mean.’

‘It covers the pipe that takes the waste away from your house.’

‘It’s really not clear.’ She said. ‘I’m really not following you.’

‘It covers the pipe that takes the sewerage from you toilet. The pipe you wouldn’t drink from.’ She understood that.

She then asked how it was paid and could she pay monthly? I explained that she could pay by card or direct debit over the phone, so monthly direct debit was fine.

‘Does that mean that I’ll have to phone every month to pay?’

I had actually decided not to set up anything for this person earlier in the call, due to the questions she was asking me. She clearly did not know what she was doing. She settled for an enquiry pack to be sent out before buying.

Tuesdays calls have been the worst this week. About 90% of the customers have been asking weird and wonderful questions, especially after I’ve already given them the answer. I just hope the rest of the week is better.

Full Moon

It was the full moon yesterday and, sure enough, we had some strange calls. As well as almost every caller taking about 10 minutes to actually tell me why they were calling, there were a few of the more memorable calls.

‘Good morning. You’re through to…Can I take your address please?’

‘The house is called…It’s 300 years old. It was built in the 1700’s and has quite an unusual pipe work. One of the previous owners…’

17 minutes later: ‘Can I have the rest of the address please?’

Or how about the customer who asked for a letter confirming that their policies were secure. Yes, that’s right. ‘Can you send me a letter to state that my policies are secure?’

Or how about the customer who received a call from someone asking for her bank details. ‘He told me it was for fraud.’

‘Ok. Let me just confirm this with you. You received a call from a man asking for your bank details. He told you it was because of fraud. He didn’t say anything else. You gave him your bank details. Is this correct?’

‘Yes. That’s all correct.’

No wonder so many people fall prey to con artists.

Full Moon Is Almost Here

It’s almost a full moon and the loonies are out in force. Loonies/looney from lunar meaning moon. Just in case you didn’t know. People in centuries past believed that the moon had an effect on the way people behaved or thought. Science of course sees this as an old wives tale. Working at the call centre and in other jobs previously dealing with the public, I have seen evidence that it is true.

Two callers yesterday told me they’d had a mailing for a policy. They both asked the price even though it is in large writing on the leaflet. One guy even insisted that the price wasn’t on there. I told him it was £12. ‘I know that. It says it on here,’ he then said. I set the policy up for him and gave him the phone number for claims.

‘What if I have an emergency?’ he asked.

‘Then you need claims.’

‘I know that. What’s the number I call?’

‘The one I’ve just given you and said was for claims.’

Another guy gave me the address of a property he wanted covered. ‘Is this were you live?’ I asked him. He said yes so I began the process of setting up the cover.

‘Can you send the documents to my office?’ he asked.

‘No problem. I just need to check the eligibility of the property first. Is this your main place of residence?’ I asked for the second time.

‘No. I rent it out.’

Or how about the caller who clearly didn’t know what she wanted.

‘Do you want the cover with or without excess?’ I asked.

‘I don’t know. What do other people do?’

‘They decided what is best suited for them first, and then go for that option.’

‘But what option do they go for?’

‘The one that suits their needs. You need to decide which option suits you best.’ I politely explained.

After several minutes of debating the options she eventually chose. I then asked, ‘would you like us to allow your tenants to call up and make a claim?’

Several minutes later she decided it was best for the agents to deal with that type of thing. We then moved on to the payment option. ‘Would you like to pay with debit or credit card or direct debit?’

‘I don’t know. What’s the best way?’

Ten minutes later I actually managed to finish setting up the policy.

I’m off today. Tomorrow is the full moon and I’m in work. I am not looking forward to it but it should be eventful nonetheless.

Day After Looney Day

Not too bad today. Still got the odd strange person phoning. The few that missed the full moon yesterday, like the woman who called to make a claim. I informed her that she needed the claims department so I would put her through to them. ‘Stop being argumentative!’ She spat. Exactly what the argumentative part was I’m not sure. ‘You need claims. I’ll put you through.’ Is that factual statement argumentative? Answers on a postcard please.

Or how about the guy who wanted a new policy but gave me a 10 minute story at the end of each paragraph in the regulated scripting. A story that had nothing to do with the policy or the scripting. Of course I dutifully and patiently sat listening, waiting for him to finish so I could set up the policy. It took 25 minutes to set it up, something that normally takes 8 minutes. Not bad going.

The moon is now waning, so I have a month before the looneys come out again. I think I’m going to have to book my future holidays around the full moon of each month. Then I may be able to get through the year with less stress.

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