Full Moon

It was the full moon yesterday and, sure enough, we had some strange calls. As well as almost every caller taking about 10 minutes to actually tell me why they were calling, there were a few of the more memorable calls.

‘Good morning. You’re through to…Can I take your address please?’

‘The house is called…It’s 300 years old. It was built in the 1700’s and has quite an unusual pipe work. One of the previous owners…’

17 minutes later: ‘Can I have the rest of the address please?’

Or how about the customer who asked for a letter confirming that their policies were secure. Yes, that’s right. ‘Can you send me a letter to state that my policies are secure?’

Or how about the customer who received a call from someone asking for her bank details. ‘He told me it was for fraud.’

‘Ok. Let me just confirm this with you. You received a call from a man asking for your bank details. He told you it was because of fraud. He didn’t say anything else. You gave him your bank details. Is this correct?’

‘Yes. That’s all correct.’

No wonder so many people fall prey to con artists.

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