Lazy Colleagues

I’ve often mentioned the various customers who give problems of several kinds, but I’ve not yet mentioned the lazy people who we all find at our work place.

Call centres are often split into teams led by a lead agent or manager, or sometimes both. Depending on the call centre, teams are often between 4 and 15 people – it may be different at different companies.

On many teams there is a particular person who is work shy. Strange really as this person is often very good at the job. But any excuse to get away from work is grabbed eagerly with both hands. Committees are joined as it’s a break from work and the person can just sit and listen to everyone else. Fund raising for various causes is vigorously volunteered. And, of course, this takes three times longer than it would for any other person. There’s always a valid reason to have to speak to people the other side of the 400 strong room. And, of course, there’s a friend in the right place.

We all know people like this who get away with everything they possibly can. People who always take the proverbial biscuit. They always seem to have a knack of getting around things, of knowing the loopholes in the regulations, of knowing how to extend their sick leave as far as possible without any consequences, when there is nothing at all wrong with them.

These people are often extremely bright, intelligent people, who, if they cared to put their minds to it, could be extremely influential in the right ways. But no, they prefer to let everyone else do the work and jump in when there’s credit to be had. Thankfully, so far, some of the people I know like this have not won any awards. Yet.

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