New Systems

The company has announced that several million pound is to be invested in new systems. The two main computer systems are going over the next few years, to be replaced with something that is all singing and all dancing. We’ve heard this before of course.

The last new system keeps crashing. Half the amendments we are called upon to do for customers can’t be done on the latest system, so we have to use the old system. Consequently we have two systems up and running at all times. Confused? Imagine how we feel.

We are taking the news of investments in a new system with a pinch of salt.

We have also been told that the internet site is going to be revamped so that customers can do more on the web. I have to admint that our company is technologically backward. Saying it is a huge international company you’d think it would have a fantastic internet site. No chance. Think again.

The internet site is very limited. Some policies can be set up but not all of them. Customers can’t access their policies online so have to call in to make amendments. We await the revamp of the website with bated breath.

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