Annual Leave

I’m now on leave for a week. Not going away anywhere, but I have plenty planned.

I had to book this week off last year, as I did for all my annual leave. One of the problems of working in a call centre is the unavailability of annual leave when you want it. When it shows on the system we have to book it immediately, otherwise we end up having to book the odd day here and there, rather than a few weeks together. It’s a constant problem.

We’re not allowed to book holiday at xmas as it’s too busy – unless you’re someone who has family overseas, then you can take all your holidays and have unpaid leave added on. Enough said about that. It’s usually very busy at xmas so they want as many people at work as possible. We’re allowed one day for xmas shopping.

The calendar normally appears towards October, then everybody is trying to book their leave for the following year. There’s no point in buying holidays until the annual leave is booked, because it’s not guaranteed we’re going to get the dates we want. It can cause a lot of stress for people, especially if they need particular dates.

Leave has to be used up before the end of September, but every year there are many people who have a few days left and are not able to book them. There are constant complaints about this, and I don’t think it’s going to change for some time.

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