Saying that I had booked this week as annual leave I had a call on Wednesday from my manager. I was told that there was training today and asked if I wanted to attend. Well, this is training that I have been asking to do, for several months, so I agreed to cancel one day annual leave and do the training.

So instead of being on annual leave I was attending training. Wouldn’t have been too bad except that I was told it would start at 9am. I wondered why there was no one in the training room so I went and found one of the trainers. Apparently it started at 9.30.

At 9.30 I went back to the appointed place only to sit around waiting for someone to attend who had already had the training. Well they weren’t likely to show up, were they? Then we had to wait for an assessor to sit in during our assessments, which were supposed to commence at 3.15pm. We eventually got underway at 4.20pm.

I still have to do a further assessment before I can use the training. The second assessment I was supposed to do today but didn’t have time because of all the faffing about. Lovely.

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Annual Leave

Well I’ve got this week off. Fantastic! The whole week off work! Hence the fact that I am a very happy person on a Monday morning!

I had a sort out over the weekend because Ebay sent me an email offering free listings until Wednesday. So I’m going to be busy on the computer flogging ornaments and books. As well as being busy feeling happy that I’m not at work. Yes, it’s going to be a busy week.


I’m sitting watching Daybreak before going into work. They were talking about taking children on holiday during term time. Apparently the authorities are now putting their foot down and saying ‘no’. Holidays during holiday time only. I completely agree with this.

When I was kid we went on holiday for two weeks during September. The new school year had already started so my brother and I always missed some of the lessons. It was nice to have time off. It was also embarrassing to go back to school after missing so much. Luckily both my brother and myself now have letters after our names so we haven’t done too badly.

At that time, when I was a kid, the education in this country was considered the best in the world. In the last 40 years we have seen an influx of migrants and assylum seekers into the UK. Many of whom can’t speak English. The education has been lowered to accomodate these people. And it shows.

Working at the call centre has opened my eyes to the appalling lack of education and common sense that some people have. Only yesterday I asked a woman for her address and was asked: ‘Do you mean my address?’

I not sure what address she thought I meant. Buckingham Palace? The Sheikh of Brunei? Of course I was asking for her address. I can’t answer questions without getting her details on the screen.

We also ask for the customers phone number as part of our security questions. I got asked the same question yesterday by a different customer: ‘My phone number?’

I wanted to say: ‘No. I want the phone number for London Zoo. I want to speak to Mr G Raff.’

I managed to refrain myself. Just.

We need to spend more on education in this country. We need to forget about the lack of English that some people have. If they want to live in this country they should learn the language. It should be available for them to learn in the evenings at community centres. Schools/colleges/universities must be focused on teaching people properly. They should not be lowering their standards.

People need to realise what an effect a lack of education is having. I have even seen young people working at my company, who find it hard to read from a peice of paper. Education is the future. At the moment our education system is a disgrace. We are no longer seen as the best in the world, but the bottom. It needs to change.

Annual Leave

I’m now on leave for a week. Not going away anywhere, but I have plenty planned.

I had to book this week off last year, as I did for all my annual leave. One of the problems of working in a call centre is the unavailability of annual leave when you want it. When it shows on the system we have to book it immediately, otherwise we end up having to book the odd day here and there, rather than a few weeks together. It’s a constant problem.

We’re not allowed to book holiday at xmas as it’s too busy – unless you’re someone who has family overseas, then you can take all your holidays and have unpaid leave added on. Enough said about that. It’s usually very busy at xmas so they want as many people at work as possible. We’re allowed one day for xmas shopping.

The calendar normally appears towards October, then everybody is trying to book their leave for the following year. There’s no point in buying holidays until the annual leave is booked, because it’s not guaranteed we’re going to get the dates we want. It can cause a lot of stress for people, especially if they need particular dates.

Leave has to be used up before the end of September, but every year there are many people who have a few days left and are not able to book them. There are constant complaints about this, and I don’t think it’s going to change for some time.

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