Happy Solstice, Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Holidays, Seasons Greetings

Well it’s the time of year for spending again. Get your pay early so you can spend it on family and friends and loads of food that you don’t need, but the compost bin will enjoy. That sounds a bit miserable doesn’t it? But it’s true! Those of us enjoying a celebration at this time of the year go overboard. We don’t need to. But we love doing it. You know I’m right.

And every year most of us say that we didn’t need to get all of that food so we’re not going to do it next year. But next year we spend more. Why? Well in my opinion it’s very simple. Although we may have a religious celebration, the main celebration centres around our loved ones. It’s the one time of the year when we hate and we love having our family around. Love and hate are two sides of the same coin – you can’t have one without the other. When it comes to family and this time of the year, this particular coin is being tossed constantly.

So whether we spend the money from a desire to shower our family with gifts because we love them, or because we want to get one up on the rich aunt and uncle, or even keep up with the neighbours, spend we do. We’re helped of course by the stores who are all too eager to offer encouragement.

So I know I’m a bit late with this, but HAPPY SOLSTICE for all my Pagan friends. I was busy greeting my parents who are spending a week with us.

HAPPY HANUKKAH for all my Jewish friends.

MERRY CHRISTMAS for all my Christian friends.

And for all my friends who are atheist, or just couldn’t give a damn about religion – HAPPY HOLIDAYS, SEASONS GREETINGS.

I hope everyone has a good time, and party’s safely.

Enjoy the January sales!



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I’m sitting watching Daybreak before going into work. They were talking about taking children on holiday during term time. Apparently the authorities are now putting their foot down and saying ‘no’. Holidays during holiday time only. I completely agree with this.

When I was kid we went on holiday for two weeks during September. The new school year had already started so my brother and I always missed some of the lessons. It was nice to have time off. It was also embarrassing to go back to school after missing so much. Luckily both my brother and myself now have letters after our names so we haven’t done too badly.

At that time, when I was a kid, the education in this country was considered the best in the world. In the last 40 years we have seen an influx of migrants and assylum seekers into the UK. Many of whom can’t speak English. The education has been lowered to accomodate these people. And it shows.

Working at the call centre has opened my eyes to the appalling lack of education and common sense that some people have. Only yesterday I asked a woman for her address and was asked: ‘Do you mean my address?’

I not sure what address she thought I meant. Buckingham Palace? The Sheikh of Brunei? Of course I was asking for her address. I can’t answer questions without getting her details on the screen.

We also ask for the customers phone number as part of our security questions. I got asked the same question yesterday by a different customer: ‘My phone number?’

I wanted to say: ‘No. I want the phone number for London Zoo. I want to speak to Mr G Raff.’

I managed to refrain myself. Just.

We need to spend more on education in this country. We need to forget about the lack of English that some people have. If they want to live in this country they should learn the language. It should be available for them to learn in the evenings at community centres. Schools/colleges/universities must be focused on teaching people properly. They should not be lowering their standards.

People need to realise what an effect a lack of education is having. I have even seen young people working at my company, who find it hard to read from a peice of paper. Education is the future. At the moment our education system is a disgrace. We are no longer seen as the best in the world, but the bottom. It needs to change.


Just got back after a weeks hols. Really needed the break. Holidays are important – no point working yourself into the ground. I certainly won’t. Glad I went away. Just have loads of washing to do now. Joys of being back home.

Have to collect the cat from the cattery tomorrow. He’ll be happy to get home! That’s another £100 (just under), as well as the few hundred I spent on holiday. Still, I needed to know that he was safe and being looked after. Actually he was being waited on hands and foot while I was self-catering.

I went to the Isle of Man with the family. Lovely, beautiful island. Very unspoilt. I really hope it stays that way. Part of the UK but it has it’s own government, and so far, they have not done badly at all.

Only thing to spoil the holiday was the wind. Sun was out but the wind was freezing. At least we didn’t get snow.

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