Do You Know Your Address?

We have to ask for address details to find the policy for a customer or to set up a new policy. You would think that this would be obvious. Not to some of our customers, however.

On asking for the full address we do get some of the more educated people giving us the full details. We also get some people who give us anything but. How about…

1) It’s number 1.
(Where would that be I wonder?)

2) It’s number 1 the street.
(Ok there’s a bit more information here but still not enough.)

3) The Street, Nottingham.
(Wow! I have a town name. I’m still none the wiser as to where the customer lives.)

4) W14 6QQ.
(Wonder how many properties are in that area. At least it narrows it down to a few thousand and not a few million.)

5) 1 The Street, London.
(I asked for the full address. As far as I remember the address includes a postcode.)

6) Can’t remember. I have several properties.
(I’m not a mind reader.)

It’s a sad fact that there are people going missing all the time. Is one of the reasons because they can’t remember their address? Surely this is something we should all know. It’s something that we should be teaching our children. They need to know where they live.

I can’t even say that it’s something relative to certain sectors of the population, as it seems to spread across class, culture, age, sex. I do feel, however, that the education system could be a lot better. Over the last few decades I personally think it has been downgraded due to the amount of non-English speaking pupils attending school. Other people may disagree with this.

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