What Phone Number Did You Call Us On?

I’ve been getting a number of calls from people who should be going through to another department. Because of this I’ve been asking people what number they called us on to find out if they have the incorrect details, or if they can’t be bothered to press the correct option on the phone. One such call yesterday had me ripping my hair out – metaphorically speaking that is.

‘What number did you call us on?’ I asked the customer, who then related her own phone number to me. I asked again in a different way. ‘Which number did you use to phone us?’ She again gave her own number. I asked again in different way, to which she said that she had phoned up last week from her work which was … number. This went on for several minutes, until eventually the penny dropped and I got the answer I was after.

This is not an unusual occurence. We have to ask for the customer’s phone number as part of the security check when they call. The simple question of, ‘Can I take your phone number please?’ is often met with the question, ‘Do you want mine or yours?’

It seems to be getting a lot harder for people to understand a very simple question. There could be a lot of reasons for this, but I put it down to the fact that people aren’t taught to think for themselves. It’s a lot easier to let someone esle do the thinking for them. It often comes from childhood where parents don’t encourage kids to think for themselves because it’s easier to tell them what to do and keep them quiet. The same goes for schools. Kids are told what to do from the moment they are born. They are then expected to obey their parents, school, religion, cultural heritage, etc. This is not healthy for them or the world we live in. We are living in a world that is becoming populated by the brainwashed.

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