We are based in the UK with a primarily British workforce, which is spread across different cultures and religions. There are also a small number of Europeans, Africans, Americans, and other nationalities, many of whom are students, or are in the UK because of their partners’ work. They all speak impeccable English – they have to as they are dealing with British customers.

Occasionally we get the ignorant prejudiced twat calling in and having a go at us for being in India. We’re not in India. We’re in the UK. We also have the occasional male bigot who does not want to speak to a female agent – tough it’s the 21st century and 50% of the workforce is female. Get over it. We also get people having a moan and venting their spleen about various situations in the country. This often includes relating to us their thoughts on various cultures or religious communities. The world at large is multi-cultural – be realistic. Do you go abroad? Do you still have a go about other people while you’re abroad?

These people can’t see us. They don’t know what the colour of our skin is, or what religion we happen to follow. They don’t know if we were born in the UK or elsewhere. Unless they get through to someone who obviously has a non-UK accent! I’ve spoken to people who often begin to relate their religious beliefs to me. One customer asked if I would like some information sent. I don’t discuss my religion with customers – it’s my business.

Quite a few of my colleagues have spoken to customers who have been openly prejudiced about people of other colours. Often they have been speaking to black or Asian agents and have not even realised it. These agents have had the grace to remain positive and polite on the phone to these people, when they are in their rights to refuse the call and to cut them off.

As agents we are doing a job and trying to help the people phoning in. Sometimes these people make life very hard. Yes, I have cut people off for being rude or prejudiced. I have even cut people off when they are sniffing down the phone and can’t be bothered to blow their nose before they phone in. I don’t need to listen to the crap. Whatever thoughts or beliefs people have, they should keep them to themselves when dealing with companies.

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