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I’m now ranked 7th in the call centre. So that’s definitely improved. Apparently in some conversion areas I’m working at over 200%. That was good news in a day where no sales were happening at all!

I don’t know what the problem was today, but the customers were usually moaning about something. Very few of them were pleasant, and the ones that were nice I couldn’t understand. Took me 5 minutes to understand the postcode one guy was giving me. He had a very strong Scottish brogue. I must have sounded a real idiot asking him to repeat it so often.

I set up a new sale for a customer and asked if she wanted to pay it monthly, quarterly or annually. ‘Yes’, she said. The same customer asked me about cancellation so I gave her the details including the bit about a pro rata refund if she cancelled during the year. ‘How much will that be?’ She asked me. I explained that I couldn’t say as I didn’t know if she would be cancelling or when. ‘Oh. You don’t know.’ She sarcastically replied. Maybe I should have given her the pro rata refund month by month over a 12 month period!

This crap sums up the day completely!

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