Boiler In The Loft

When we ask for boiler details we often get told the boiler is in the loft. It’s very often pensioners or disabled people who tell us this. People who obviously can’t get up into the loft.

Why have the boiler in the loft if you can’t get up there? Is it the homeowner who chooses to have the boiler installed in the loft? Or is it the installers who decide it’s best in the loft, even when they can see the occupiers of the home can’t get up there?

There’s a possibility that it’s put in the loft so that it operates more efficiently. But even so, surely the installers would try their best to put it somewhere where the owner can get access to it? Are we to assume that boiler installers are morally and ethically bereft? That they have no conscience? Surely not!

So do people tell them to put the boiler in the loft? Do they not realise how important the boiler is?

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