Meningitis Vaccine

I heard on the news today that they are trying to come to some kind of monetary deal over the new meningitis vaccine. The drug company, Novartis, say they want £75 for the drug while the government say it should be £5. Words can’t describe how appalled I am about this.

I have been very lucky that no one in my family has ever suffered from this terrible disease. But when I see these children on TV who have suffered, and I see families who have lost children to it, I am heartbroken. My heart goes out to these people.

To think that a company can put a price on a child’s life. That the money is more important than a child. This is evil. This is corporation at it’s most corrupt. They disgust me.

There are many conspiracy theories in the world. Here’s a company that wants £75 before it will help save your child’s life. What more proof do you want. Life means nothing to them. They don’t care if a child dies, if a child has to be surgically mutilated for it to survive. After all this is just more experimentation for them. More data to produce more profit.

On their website Novartis states:

‘Our commitment: improving health

We aim to improve global health. Through our business, we make an important contribution to society: we provide healthcare solutions to address the evolving needs of patients and societies worldwide.

Our patients and customers need to trust us and our products. They expect us to do business responsibly and ethically.’

‘Responsibly and ethically’ obviously doesn’t include children.

Here’s another paragraph on their website:

‘Responsible business practices

We strive for high performance with high integrity. It is our conviction that responsible business results in better business.’

They need to look up the word ‘integrity’.

Life is important. In every form in comes in. Imagine the world if we were surrounded by death, destruction, dying. There are parts of the world where this very thing is happening. I don’t know about other people but it makes me realise even more that life is important and should not be priced or pushed aside.

If Novartis were as ethical as want us to think they are, or operated with integrity like they state, then a vaccine for children would be free.

I wonder what pay packets the directors are on. I bet it’s more than £75 – the price of a child’s life.

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