It’s Over!

Ok it’s over. We can all get our breath back again. Just another 12 months to wait for it to start up once more. Not long to go.

I had a lovely Christmas spent with family. Playing games and eating a really nice dinner. Lots of chocolates going round. And bloody awful TV! Apart from Mrs Brown’s Boys, which makes me laugh even after watching it 8 times, there was nothing at all decent on the box. We ended up watching my grandson’s new DVD, Horrid Henry, about 12 times. Some of the family wanted to see the news but it was so full of doom and gloom, so utterly depressing, that it was banned.

Tomorrow I’m back at work. How utterly exciting. Can’t wait. (Pure sarcasm there.)

I’m so glad I wasn’t in this weekend. I can just imagine what they’ve had to deal with. All the customers who have had problems over Christmas and have been trying to get through to claims but keep pressing the wrong options and getting no one. The very first option is ‘if you want an engineer’. There are many people who don’t press option 1. They could have no heating, or water leaking through the ceiling, but they’ll still press ‘for any other enquiry’ option. When we get back to work they come through and have a go at us, like it’s our fault that they can’t be bothered to listen.

Oh yes, I can’t wait to get back to work.



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A Bit Quieter?

Well at long last it’s a bit quieter in my department. I just hope I’m not speaking too soon. It hasn’t stopped the strange ones from calling in though.

Like the guy who accused me of being rude when I asked him if there was anything else I could help him with before he went.

Or the people who call us up and say they are waiting for an engineer from a different company.

I suppose this will never change.

Tomorrow we have a nice big buffet to celebrate a directors birthday and the US thanksgiving. Stuffing our faces with nice fattening things never goes amiss.

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A New Week…

On Mondays we normally get the people who were looking for an engineer at the weekend and couldn’t be bothered to press the right option. ‘Says here that you are open 24/7. You weren’t open last night when I called. We had a leak.’ Is often what we hear on a Monday.

The options on the phone system are very clear. ‘If you need an engineer press 1.’ How clearer could they make it? But people often press the ‘enquiries’ option when they have an emergency. This our fault of course.

We obviously have a system that hypnotises people when they call us, so that they press the wrong option. It whispers subliminal messages in their ears: ‘Press option 3 ’cause they’re closed.’ Afterall why would you want enquiries if you have water gushing from the ceiling or no heating and hot water? Obviously it’s something that we are doing. We must be misleading people.

Wanting an engineer is confusing people. They want to ask if they need an engineer. ‘I have water pouring through the ceiling. Do I need an engineer?’ Unfortunately we are non-advised sales and service so our answer can’t be yes or no. Our answer is more likely to be: ‘Only you can determine that. Do you think you need an engineer?’ So the enquiry option is not going to be much good for them.

Personally I think it’s the education system in this country that is being pulled down. There are many reasons for this, in my opinion. But if someone can’t think for themselves that they need an engineer in an emergency, then there is something seriously wrong.

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