A work colleague had a particularly nasty individual on the phone a few days ago, who insisted in finishing every sentence with the word ‘woman’. We always give our name to the caller – it’s politeness as well as good service. However, this man wasn’t interested in using my colleagues name as he didn’t wish to speak to a woman!

The conversation went along these lines:

‘Good morning. You’re through to (name of colleague). How can I help you?’ She asked politely.

‘Put a man on the phone, woman. I’m not speaking to you.’ He demanded.

‘We are very busy at the moment and my colleagues are busy on other calls, so how can I help you?’ She asked again, politely.

‘Renew my policy, woman.’ He spat.

My colleague was polite throughout the call. But even when she reminded the customer of her name, he still didn’t use it.

Personally I would not have put up with his rudeness and, let’s face it, his prejudice. We are living in the 21st century and to think that there are people like this in the UK now is unbelievable. What a prat!

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A Bit Quieter?

Well at long last it’s a bit quieter in my department. I just hope I’m not speaking too soon. It hasn’t stopped the strange ones from calling in though.

Like the guy who accused me of being rude when I asked him if there was anything else I could help him with before he went.

Or the people who call us up and say they are waiting for an engineer from a different company.

I suppose this will never change.

Tomorrow we have a nice big buffet to celebrate a directors birthday and the US thanksgiving. Stuffing our faces with nice fattening things never goes amiss.

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Sheer Rudeness!

Todays bad customer was an elderly lady who was extremely rude and ignorant. After giving me her name she started saying that she had received a load of ‘rubbish and crap’ and wanted to know what it was. She then started giving me a mouthful on how she couldn’t read it because it wasn’t in large print, and then proceeded for another 2 minutes with the rubbish theme.

After eventually getting her details and listening to another load of the ‘rubbish’ topic I was able to inform her, quite politely of course, that it wasn’t rubbish at all. It was her renewal letter. (If we hadn’t sent it she would definitely have something to moan about.)

Having politely informed her that she only needed to ask us for correspondence in large print, we could then make sure that it was larger in the future. She then indignantly stated that she was asking me now. She wasn’t. She was moaning because it wasn’t in large print. That is not a request. I could have ignored her. I didn’t. I changed the preference to large print.

I reminded her of the policy she had and gave her the renewal price. She was shouting that it was £400 and something. Again I very politely stated it was £48. She then started ranting and raving that she didn’t know where to send her cheque to. I reminded her that there was an envelope with the renewal, but I also gave her the address.

I have to say that quite a few elderly customers are extremely rude. Not all of them. Some are the exact opposite. But the minority seem to think that because they are pensioners they don’t need to be polite or ask for something to be done. After all how are we to know if something should be sent in large print if it is not requested? We are not mind readers.

People like this should know that they are likely to get better service if they are polite and friendly. When they are rude and abusive, like this customer, I can cut them off. I normally do. I don’t need to deal with this type of customer. I was just in a good mood today. She was a knob.

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