The Call Centre

The second episode of The Call Centre is on. This time they’re having a competition to find the best call centre voice in Wales. The winners face will be on the side of the buses! We don’t have this competition in England. Don’t know why.

Nev, the manager has picked a hymn for them to sing. I’m sure the non-christians will be very pleased about singing a hymn, and will approach it with great gusto.

The candidates are called into an office to sing in front of three people. Some candidates are speaking rather than singing. They are actually doing better than the singers. One guy has a great voice, but one of the judges thinks his face wouldn’t be right on an advert. I have to say that the particular judge who said this looks like the back end of dog.

They’re still trying to fix the staff up with each other, on dates. I don’t think this will end well at all.

I remember, a few years ago, we had a few sex mad people at our call centre. It didn’t go down too well when they were caught on the table in the canteen during the weekend. The two a year company parties are just as bad. The stories run around the company like wildfire afterwards, which is not pleasant for the people concerned. Some people have left because of what they’ve got up to while drunk. Can’t show their face afterwards.

I’m actually enjoying The Call Centre. Legally, it’s extremely bad. It also makes the agents look uneducated and the women come across as bikes. But it’s addictive…

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