Internet Sales

I frequently get people phoning up asking me what the price is of the policies on the internet. Not a strange request in itself, but many of them inform me that they have the web site up in front of them at the same time. The price is is in very large figures. Very clearly seen.

My answer frequently starts with: ‘As it states on the internet…’ Then I have to remind myself to be patient as some people are just thick. They can’t be blind as they tell me which policy they are interested in. The policy details are in a smaller font. If they can see the details then there is no reason for them not to see the price.

Do they think that I’m going to give them a different answer? Some of the policies are only available on the internet, not over the phone, so why would I be giving them a different price? Or are they hoping that I’ll offer them a discount? There’s no chance of that.

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