Another Day In Earthly Purgatory

Actually it wasn’t all that bad today. I even had my photo taken and my ID pass replaced. It’s not brilliant but it could have been far worse. My old one was extremely scratched and I most certainly don’t have wrinkles that bad.

I had yesterday off. It was my birthday. There was no way in hell I was spending my birthday at work. You feel bad enough getting older, but work ages me 20 years while I’m there. I lose them as soon as I walk through the door to go home. I can do without the premature aging when I’ve aged another year biologically.

After my previous post about safety, I forgot to mention that quite a few of us seem to get a call between 1 and 5 minutes before the end of our shift, and it’s often the same type of call – sales. I don’t believe in coincidences. The calls I get are always the same type of sales call, where I have to go through a few more details than normal. Sure enough the same thing happened today. However, the woman I was speaking to suddenly got a caller at her front door and didn’t want to stay on the phone. This left me with 3 minutes before I could leave.

Well, I certainly wasn’t prepared to take another call during those last three minutes, so I used the time to log some notes on the system. Of course this was interspersed with putting things away in my locker. I upped and left exactly at 5.30pm, with the nastiest look from a certain sales manager.

This is a particular sales manager who doesn’t seem to have any clue about employee laws. I reckon that sooner or later she is going to come off quite badly. Without going into full details because I’ve not got permission, she has actually put someones life in danger, medically speaking, and she’s got away with it. I don’t think that will happen twice.

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