November And December Chaos!

Well it’s that time of the year again. The month when companies want everything all at once. When they have loads of offers/sales and try to succeed in getting everything at once. My company is no exception. It’s total chaos. November and December chaos.

We’ve got mailings galore going out. Offers on the internet too. It’s crazy at the moment. So busy that we don’t have time to breathe, never mind think about what we’re doing. Of course it’s bringing out the silly questions and the annoying customers. It’s exhausting the agents and making us cranky and do stupid mistakes.

Friday was the worst day. I was ready to scream after one hour. At the end of the day I was ready to commit hari kari – and it wouldn’t have been on myself.

I asked a customer to confirm the address of the property covered. ‘Your address?’ He asked.

Another customer rang up complaining about an automatic renewal on his policy. He read the section out on the documents:

‘I states here that it will be an automatic renewal unless I advise you otherwise,’ he said. ‘I told the young man I didn’t want it automatically renewed, so why is it on auto renewal?’

‘It isn’t on auto renewal,’ I told him. ‘You the told the agent you didn’t want it and he’s removed it. You will have to contact us next year to renew.’

‘But it states it will be automatically renewed unless I tell you otherwise.’

‘Yes. You have already told us otherwise. My colleague has removed it.’

‘But it states here…’

I ended up explaining 6 times that he had already ‘advised us otherwise’, so the auto renewal had been removed. Eventually he got it.

It may not be a physical job, but it is very exhausting to deal with this day after day, especially when it’s busy. It’s mentally draining . Mind numbing. These last few weeks especially I have felt brain dead by the time I get home. I’m not sleeping, I’ve got a cold, I strained my shoulder, and I’ve been having stomach pains. On top of that two of my colleagues – in another department – have been annoying me. So much so that I’m ready to grab one of them and smash her head through nearest wall.

I’m definitely not in a good place mentally at the moment.

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