I had a very nice gentleman phone me today. A professional person from a respected profession. He was ringing about a particular policy we offer.

I’ve been very careful not to mention the company I work for during my blogs, or say anything that could relate to the company. People who work there obviously spot the things I’m talking about, but anyone outside would not know. It could get me into trouble if I make mention of them or give anything away. So for ambiguous purposes I will use a colour!

‘I’m calling about the Yellow policy’, said Mr A. ‘It only covers yellow, but you probably won’t know about that.’

‘That’s why it’s called the Yellow policy’, I answered with the politest sarcasm.

I work for the company so of course I’m going to know. His patronising back fired. He might think he’s speaking to a dumb-ass call centre agent, but he proved to be the biggest dumb-ass.

Another customer, also very polite and friendly, rang to ask about a mailing she had received.

‘I’m reading here about your Purple cover. This letter says it covers…Is that right?’

Firstly we can’t put anything false in the adverts. Boy would we be in trouble. Secondly what purpose would it serve. We want customers who stay with us. If they think we’ve lied they’ll be leaving in their droves. Thirdly, miss-selling is a big issue at the moment for many companies. Any company with half a brain would be training their staff to stay well away from miss-selling.

Of course the information in our adverts is correct. The problem is that many customers don’t bother reading it properly, or they need some kind of affirmation to give them the confidence of buying. There are too many people in this country who need other people to confirm to them that they are making the right choice. People need to stop being sheep. They need to start using their own minds and thinking for themselves.

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