Chinese Whispers

I have a friend who whispers on the phone. She even whispers when there is no one else in the house. I find it infuriating if I’m on the other end of the phone.

We get a few customers who like to whisper too. We have to turn the volume up on the phone to hear what they are saying. But every background noise, cough, sniff, etc, comes through like a fog horn almost bursting our ear drums. I remember on the one call the woman cleared her throat and it was so loud after having to turn up the volume that I snatched my headphones off and flung them across the desk.

‘Ahhh! My ears!’ I yelled. The customer did not apologise. Nor did she stop whispering. What a bitch!

Why do people need to whisper? Is it because they don’t want someone to hear them? Well why not ring at a different time? If it’s your family then they probably know about your insurance. If it’s visitors then what are you doing phoning an insurance company when people have come to see you? That is just plain rude. Are you whispering because you are at work? Don’t you want the boss to hear? Then what are you doing making personal phone calls while you are work? Wait for your lunch or break when you won’t have to whisper.

Let’s face it, if I can’t hear you properly then you are not going to receive correct information to your questions. If I can’t hear you I may be setting up a policy that is different to the one that you called about. Maybe a significantly more expensive policy.

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