Job Hunting

Well I’ve managed to load Ebay with a few things. Not enough to make me rich but at least it will get rid of a few items that I had packed away. Still got a few other bits and bobs to put on there as well.

Also looking at the jobs out there. I think it’s about time that I had a change. Shorter travel would certainly be a blessing.

A lot of xmas jobs going at the moment but they’re only temporary. But then some of them are with companies that train so I can’t see them getting rid of everybody when the temporary period is up. Shops probably would.

I’ve uploaded my CV to some online job sites. Why is it when you put within 5miles they send you stuff all over the country?



Other Jobs

The call centre is a well-paid job, but a few of my colleagues also have other jobs. It can be very stressful being on the phones full time, mentally exhausting, especially in the busy periods. Due to regulations from the Financial Conduct Authority we have a lot of important information we need to give customers, which means our average time of setting up a policy is around 15 minutes. Consequently many people work part time and then make up their money with a second part time job.

I work full time and it can certainly take its toll at times. I keep my sanity by reading self-motivation, studying, or working on my hobbies – tarot reading and astrology. As such is here is a totally unashamed plug:

Margaret Road Wednesbury WS10 7QT 07505067286 By appointment only, so please contact me to discuss available times.