Rocket Science

Well here we go again. Christmas barely over and the new year not yet started, but it’s already a matter of rocket science to call us.

A very nice man rang to set up a new policy. Told me he’d already spoken to a colleague and he’d had details of the cover to read through before setting it up. No problem until I got to the payment details.

‘Can you hold while I find my card?’ He asked.

Surely if you want to take something out over the phone and you have all the details, including the price, you would know that you would need your payment details. Or at least the majority of people would. For some people it seems that this simple matter is rocket science.

Two customers asked me how to send in a cheque. Both of them had been with us for several years.

‘Same as last year,’ I said. ‘You fill out the check, attach the reply slip – making sure that your details are correct – and post it to us.’

Rocket science.

Boiler Again!

Yet again boilers are giving people problems. Guy calls and asks if I can cover his boiler. I ask for the boiler details. ‘I don’t know the model’ he says, ‘but I can give you the price’.

The price is not going to tell me the make or the model of the boiler.

Why is it that people seem to think they don’t need any boiler details to take out an insurance policy for their boiler? If you take mobile phone cover you need the details of your phone. If you want to cover your car you need the details of your car. If want your washing machine covered you need the details of your washing machine. Is this really rocket science? What the hell is going wrong with the education in this country if people can’t think for themselves?

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