Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

We are presented with a lot of crazy questions working on the phones. But probably the best one is people questioning refunds. I could understand it if they weren’t happy about the amount and wanted more, but to question why they’ve had it and is it right, takes the biscuit.

We had problems with the system when certain packages were set up, so the company has been reviewing each and every one of them. Letters have been sent to the customers to let them know that the policy in question is being reviewed.

In some cases there has been an issue with the price not being correct. If the customer has been charged too much the company has reimbursed the customer.

As well as this, if a customer cancels a policy mid-term than a pro rata refund is issued.

We’ve had a few of the ‘what’s this?’ questions being asked in the last few days, but one in particular will stay with me for a while.

A customer rang in after having a £500 refund. I explained that a review had been done on the policy he had and a refund had been issued as he had been charged too much.

‘I know about the review,’ he told me, ‘I got a letter. But is this right? What’s this refund for?’

‘You were charged too much so we have given the overpayment back to you.’

‘I don’t understand. What’s the refund for?’

‘There was a system error. You got charged too much for the policy. Because you were charged too much they worked out how much you overpaid since you started the policy, and now they have reimbursed that amount to you.’

‘I don’t get it.’

I explained again and followed it up with: ‘If you don’t want it send it back.’

‘Oh, no. It’ll come in useful. Thanks. Bye.’

Why look a gift horse in the mouth?

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