Call Centre Hassles

We have many hassles at the call centre, not just the normal job pains. Most of the hassles are from the various calls we take day in and day out. At 8pm closing: ‘I know you close now and I’m sorry to trouble you, but could you just set up three policies for me. IContinue reading “Call Centre Hassles”

Mystery Shoppers

A few of my colleagues and I believe that we have had a spate of mystery shoppers phoning us. There have been a number of potential customers ringing up and asking every question under the sun about two or three policies. The questions range from the utterly ridiculous to extremely technological. Definitely not our normal customersContinue reading “Mystery Shoppers”

Just How Hard Is It?

Just how hard is it to listen to what I am saying? It appears to be extremely difficult for some people. Take a customer that phoned me a few days ago. ‘I’ve had a letter from you about the plumbing and drainage cover. Well, I’ve already got this cover. So why are you sending meContinue reading “Just How Hard Is It?”

Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth

We are presented with a lot of crazy questions working on the phones. But probably the best one is people questioning refunds. I could understand it if they weren’t happy about the amount and wanted more, but to question why they’ve had it and is it right, takes the biscuit. We had problems with theContinue reading “Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth”