One of the most routine things we do in the call centre is renew a policy. We do many renewals each day. Customers even ring in if their policy is on automatic renewal, even though we send out documents a few weeks before renewal telling them it will be automatically renewed. Here’s a few of the more memorable calls:

CUSTOMER: I’ve had a letter. Am I through to the right place?
ME: I don’t know. Maybe if you tell me what the letter is and why you are calling I might be able to answer that question.

CUSTOMER: I want to speak to HR about my renewal.
ME: You want to speak to Human Resources about your renewal? They employ people. They don’t know anything about your policy.
CUSTOMER: Well I need to speak to them about my renewal. Or somebody at least.

ME: The policy will automatically renew next year unless you tell me differently.
CUSTOMER: Does that mean I get a year free?
ME: No.

CUSTOMER: Here’s my card number. Just renew my policy.
ME: How about giving me your address first so that I know what I’m renewing and who I’m renewing it for.

CUSTOMER: I’ve had my renewal and I just wanted to let you know that I’m posting my cheque tomorrow.
ME: Thank you for letting me know. Sorry you had to wait in a call queue for 10 minutes to tell me. Unfortunately we have a lot of people phoning today for no reason.

CUSTOMER: I’ve had my renewal. It’s gone up by 33.4%. What do you say about that?
ME: It hasn’t gone up. It’s the same price as last year. Check your bank statement.

No business can continue without customers. But us agents would certainly have more peace of mind without them.

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