Refugees or Migrants?

This week we’ve seen some horrible images of babies and children being tear gassed. These people are trying to get away from this kind of barbarism and they’ve walked straight into it. But have they? I mentioned in my last post about the men coming from Pakistan and mixing with the refugees. It’s my opinion that it’s because of these illegal migrants that the genuine refugees are being treated so badly.

Refugees are people fleeing from a war zone, torture, genocide, etc. You’d expect the biggest majority to consist of women, children, elderly, ill, and disabled. But instead what we see is groups of men who look fully able-bodied. In Calais some of them are armed with machetes and are attacking trucks. You’d think that these men would be trying to help their countries get rid of ISIL. You’d think that these men would not be running away but would be trying to help their fellow countrymen.

The media has mentioned that there are women and children travelling alone, and even lone children, amongst the refugees. So it’s even more disgraceful that groups of men are coming from Pakistan to mingle with them. I really hope that they sort them from the genuine people and march them straight back to where they came from.

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A lady phoned me today after receiving a mailing from us about one of our policies. I could hear her children crying in the background. It also sounded like they were being smacked. They were crying properly, not the moaning crying that kids do to get their own way. The lady wanted to set up the policy, but it bothered me quite a lot that her children were crying.

‘Are your children ok?’ I asked her.

‘Yeah, yeah.’ Came the answer, and then it went very quite.

I explained how long it would take me to set the policy up and asked again if she wanted to check on her kids. She then said they were with their grandmother. She then began to swear at someone who was with her. I was about to remind her that the call was being recorded, more for the sake of her kids than the swearing, but she hung up on me.

It worried me that she thought more about making a phone call then she did about the well-being of her children. We often get people calling us when they’re obviously holding a baby, the poor little thing crying when it needs a bit of attention. I often ask if the person would like to call us back.

The powers-that-be at work will probably say that I should never get involved in things like that, just do my job and ignore anything in the background. But is it really that easy? And is it right to ignore it? Surely children should come first? If we can hear someone being hurt should we really ignore it?

And what if someone actually tells us that they are doing something illegal? The DPA laws say we can’t give their information out without permission. But surely there should be a moral duty, a humane duty, to pass the information on to someone in authority who can investigate? Or should we just ignore it and let it continue?

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