Breakfast At Work

I was at work last Saturday. I don’t mind working Saturday – I get a day off during the week in lieu. One of the things I look forward to on a Saturday is my breakfast. We always order either from the local café or from McDonald’s. Last Saturday it was McDonald’s.

I don’t call myself vegetarian but I eat very little meat. I usually order an egg McMuffin for breakfast from McDonald’s, which is exactly what I did on Saturday.

One of my Muslim colleagues placed the order and delivered my breakfast to me. Telling me that they had put meat on it. In fact there was a label saying ‘no sausage’. When I looked I found a cheeseburger!

I was quite offended by this. More so by the fact that one of my Muslim colleagues had taken charge of getting breakfast. I remember an incident, a few years back, where a manager had bought sandwiches for people and had some left over. She asked a Muslim man if he wanted a sandwich, which he did. However, it was ham. Formal complaints were laid against the manager, even though she was being nice offering the spare sandwiches out that she had paid for.

Why is it that certain people expect respect but don’t want to give it back to others? Why is it that when my colleague saw that it was wrong, why didn’t she say something and ask them to put it right? I ended up paying for something I wasn’t going to eat. I gave it to another colleague.

I found out the same day that another colleague had photos of her child torn up. The photos were on her metal box, which a Muslim colleague placed under the desk and used as a foot rest, tearing up the photos by doing so.

And they wonder why people turn against them.

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Respect At Work

When you work as a team you’d think that the team members would be respectful towards each other. Two days on the run I’ve had occasion to speak to people about their lack of consideration.

Yesterday we had a new team member join us and after half hour of being on the team the person put his feet up on the desk. Not his desk. This was the desk of someone not in yesterday. I asked him to remove his feet as someone had to sit there afterwards. I then heard him making nasty comments about me to another team member!

You would think that people would understand how unhygenic it is putting dirty feet and shoes on a desk. Especially a desk where someone else normally sits and often eats. I found out today that he had also written over the other persons paper work. What a lovely considerate person.

Call centres are noisy places to work at the best of times, but when people are not busy they start chatting and the noise picks up even more. Trouble is the types of conversations people have, as the customers can invariably hear people talking in the background.

Today I asked someone to speak a bit quieter as the customer I was speaking to could hear the conversation she was having. And, you probably guessed it, I got a load of abuse. The conversation was around a magazine article about sex.

Well we can all have a laugh and a joke but it’s not professional if the customers can hear what is being said, especially when it’s a smutty conversation. A simple request to speak quieter should be respected – you would have thought so anyway. But no.

I got told ‘It’s a call centre. What do expect?’

My simple request to be quieter was met with abuse. I was then called ‘the ****police’! Both myself and another colleague then felt that we had to speak to a manager. It wouldn’t have been taken further if the noise had been reduced.

Well after some of my posts about the professional people I work with and the fact that many of us are qualified in many areas, unfortunately it’s also a fact that there are other people who are not as experienced or as professional. These are the types of people that give call centres their poor reputation.

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