Gas Central Heating

Gas central heating and boilers seem to be the most singular things that confuse a lot of people. Not everyone – there are those who know exactly what a boiler is, and all the details. It’s very refreshing when these people call in. Every single day we get a least one person who calls inContinue reading “Gas Central Heating”

Do You Know Your Own Home?

Customer called up today asking for boiler cover. Nothing unusual about that. It’s one of our main policies. ‘Is it natural gas from the metre?’ I asked. ‘I don’t know.’ I changed the format of the question. ‘Do you get the gas piped in from the mains? Or is the boiler LPG or oil?’ ‘Oh.Continue reading “Do You Know Your Own Home?”

Panic! Panic! Panic!

The panic is still on this week. Customers ringing in their hundreds to get their boilers and pipe work covered. Nothing like leaving it till the last minute. When the really cold weather gets here it’ll be people who still haven’t got cover ringing for emergency jobs. So the panic will continue well into FebruaryContinue reading “Panic! Panic! Panic!”

Renowned For Our Politeness

We’re renowned for our politeness in this country – with the exception of a few people. But I sometimes think it would be really good to say exactly what we think without holding back. I spoke to a very nice gentleman earlier today, so I was naturally polite. However, if I had said exactly whatContinue reading “Renowned For Our Politeness”

The Customer Is Not Always Right

We’ve recently had a boiler promotion on at work. A promotion that ended at 5pm 02 april. The ending time and date was stated clearly on company website and on any advertisements, but of course we had people trying to take out the promotion today! They tried almost everything with me. Trying to make meContinue reading “The Customer Is Not Always Right”

A Matter of a Simple Yes or No

A customer hung up on me today because I asked him to confirm his boiler details. He asked me to take his boiler details from an old cancelled policy, in order to raise a new insurance policy. I read the boiler make and model out to him and asked him to confirm that these detailsContinue reading “A Matter of a Simple Yes or No”