Phonetic Alphabet

Many companies and organisations that deal with communications use the phonetic alphabet. For those that are not sure, this is the English alphabet with a standardised corresponding attribute. It’s also known as the Nato alphabet, and it’s full name is “international radiotelephony spelling alphabet“. It was developed sometime in the 1950’s and used in radioContinue reading “Phonetic Alphabet”

Options and Messages

Many, if not most, people dislike options and automated messages when they phone companies. It’s something that we have to put up with. As companies get bigger departments get bigger, hence a system to put you through to the relevant department. Otherwise you would get through to someone who would have to put you throughContinue reading “Options and Messages”

Working With a Charity

As a lot of big companies, the company I work for does charity work. It has a partnership with a very well known charity, and has donated £1,000,000 to them over the last couple of years. The charity that benefits is extremely grateful. The money does a lot of good. It’s not purely out ofContinue reading “Working With a Charity”

The Customer Is Not Always Right

We’ve recently had a boiler promotion on at work. A promotion that ended at 5pm 02 april. The ending time and date was stated clearly on company website and on any advertisements, but of course we had people trying to take out the promotion today! They tried almost everything with me. Trying to make meContinue reading “The Customer Is Not Always Right”

A Matter of a Simple Yes or No

A customer hung up on me today because I asked him to confirm his boiler details. He asked me to take his boiler details from an old cancelled policy, in order to raise a new insurance policy. I read the boiler make and model out to him and asked him to confirm that these detailsContinue reading “A Matter of a Simple Yes or No”